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Those We Glimpse: Gathering Our Queer Ancestors

Those We Glimpse:
Gathering Our Queer Ancestors

For many of us, coming out casts us out from our own 'official' family stories and leaves us searching for ancestors—for that larger web from which we draw strength and context. But for every famous historical LGBTQI figure, there are thousands more who lived un-famous, half-glimpsed, or closeted lives. Those We Glimpse is a growing collection of anecdotes, speculations, rumors and "might-have-been" from contributors' own blood families. It is a gathering of fragments to hold all of our ancestors close.

Those We Glimpse includes participatory installations, a zine project, and group storytelling.

Have some queer stories, rumors or might-have-beens to share from your own blood family or where you grew up? Contribute here.

Photos from Those We Glimpse at the Q Center, Portland OR (spring 2018):

Photos of Those We Glimpse at SOMArts, San Francisco CA, as part of the National Queer Arts Festival (June 2015):

Photos of Those We Glimpse in Austin, TX, as part of the Gay Wax Museum at OutsiderFest (Feb 2015):